Vikings Season 4: Trailer Reveals Spoilers, Ragnar Set to Die, Lagertha Rumored to Have an Important Role!

Vikings Season 4 is going to return to your television screen in the next month and there are a lot of speculations surrounding the new season of the popular History Channel series. There is already speculation that this will be the last season for Ragnar Lothbrok and it looks like things are set to head that very way.

Ragnar had a huge fall during the battle of Paris that might have helped him enter the city of Paris, but he is going to return to his kingdom of Kattegat a weakened man.

Travis Fimmel, who plays the role of Ragnar had made it very clear that he is set to make his move to Hollywood, where he going to play the lead role in the film Warcraft.

With Travis Fimmel focusing on his film career, the character of Ragnar will have to be bid goodbye. There are mixed reviews from the fans of Vikings. While they are excited about Season 4 finally approaching, they are sad that this might be the last season with Ragnar in it.

It was Ragnar who made the show interesting. Michael Hirst informed Inquistr that the history of the Vikings clearly indicate that Ragnar dies and is then succeeded by his sons who are way more successful than him.

Therefore, it isn’t just Fimmel’s film career that is causing Ragnar’s story to be cut short; Ragnar would have been killed off sooner or later in the series.

Michael Hirst was always prepared for a possibility where Ragnar wouldn’t be present in the Vikings. He said that he knew that he had to make the sons of Ragnar equally popular and hence joked about selecting good looking actors for their roles.

The viewers are prepared for Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) following his father’s footsteps to become an able leader of Kattegat. However, the trailer hints at the fact that Bjorn might have to take on the lead sooner than he had realized since there is a general sentiment in the trailer that Ragnar might not make it back to the walls of Valhalla.

According to Viking lore, a warrior can enter the walls of Valhalla only if they have an honorable death. An honorable death for the Vikings would mean to die in battle.

However, this doesn’t happen for Ragnar since he recovers from the battle of Paris is left injured and helpless to become an old man and die in the process. A death that isn’t desirable for the Vikings.

With Ragnar injured, Bjorn will be restored to the throne as the new king in place of Ragnar even before he actually dies. Ragnar is ready to embrace death as mentioned in the trailer, but it doesn’t seem like death will come any soon for him. He will have to face other problems before he can finally end his life.

Michael Hirst had already hinted at a major betrayal in Vikings Season 4 since he shared a photo of the cast sitting like the Last Supper. There are speculations that Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) is going to betray Ragnar again.

This can be justified with the manner in which he is looming over Ragnar in the trailer. He had already betrayed him once when he killed Athelstan (George Blagden). Floki is set to be put on trial for his crime and Ragnar will again be torn between his duty as a leader and as a friend.

According to the pages of history, Ragnar dies after he was thrown into a snake pit by King Aella of Northumbria and there are images of snakes surrounding Ragnar in the official trailer.