Vikings Season 4: Rollo and His New Wife Will Have Problems, Bjorn’s Character to be of Importance, Ragnar Headed Towards a Love Affair, And More

Lagertha has tasted power when she was asked to man the throne in Kattegat while Ragnar and the army were headed to Paris. The promo had shown that Lagertha is out to keep a hold on that power position and Vikings Season 4 will see her enjoying a lot of importance given that she is Bjorn’s mother.

Vikings Season 4 is going to be the last season with Ragnar in it and while Michael Hirst was always sure about this possibility given the history of the character, but he is very aware of the kind of popularity that Travis Fimmel enjoys among the viewers and hence he is going to give them a memorable season with regard to Ragnar’s story.

Ragnar is a colorful man and he is going to have a love story this season as well. Yidu, a Chinese slave played by Dianne Doan will catch the attention of Ragnar. Yidu’s outlook and her lineage will be something that draws Ragnar towards her. Ragnar is going to come across Yidu during the course of the Paris siege and he will bring her to Kattegat with him.

The people of Kattegat have never seen someone like Yidu and they have mixed reaction to her. It is hinted that Yidu is a terrible slave as she is from a noble family.

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