Vikings Season 4: Rollo and His New Wife Will Have Problems, Bjorn’s Character to be of Importance, Ragnar Headed Towards a Love Affair, And More

Michael Hirst, the creator of Vikings has always made it very clear that Season 4 is going to high on betrayal and treachery. He had shared a photo of the cast sitting like in the painting of the Last Supper and the places where each character was placed went a long way in making it evident who the betrayer would be.

The upcoming season of Vikings will also be an interesting one since it will see Ragnar Lothbrok being killed. This is the last season from Travis Fimmel as he is focusing on his Hollywood career and will be working on focusing on his first film Warcraft. With this season set to be Ragnar’s last there is also the question of the succession to the Denmark throne that will be handled here.

International Business Times has informed that Vikings Season 4 will also focus on Rollo (Clive Standen) and Princes Gisla (Morgane Polanski) and will explore the dynamics of their marriage.

Rollo had decided to stay back in Paris when he is offered considerable power by Emperor Charles (Lothaire Bluteau). While Rollo married for the power, Gisla was forced into the marriage and she isn’t very happy about marrying a pagan.

The recently released promo of Vikings Season 1 episode 1 shows that Rollo will try to consummate the marriage, but Princess Gisla will not in the mood to do so. She pulls out a knife and tries to scare Rollo. While she is successful in the initial moment, Rollo soon overcomes the fear and talks to her in a condescending fashion and asks her to fall asleep like him.

Rollo has never been someone to enjoy any power and now that he has Princess Gisla as his wife, he shows his power without any hesitation. Princess Gisla isn’t happy in the marriage and she is going to do everything in her power to come out of it. It looks like Rollo will be wrong if he thinks that he has Princess Gisla under his thumb.

Rollo doesn’t only have Princess Gisla’s problem to deal with. Rollo betrays his elder brother Ragnar at Paris and this is going to come back to bite him bad. Rollo’s son Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) is harboring a lot of hatred for the man who has betrayed his father and when he sets his mind on something, he will go all out to make sure that it happens. Vikings Season 4 is going to be a major one for Rollo.

Crossmap has come with another exciting pointer. There is a possibility that Rolla has decided to go ahead and stay in Paris not because he has betrayed his brother, for an opportunity to get some power, but because he is staying back in Paris to win the confidence of Emperor Charles so that he can make the Vikings enter Paris again.

Bjorn will be the focus in the upcoming season of Vikings since it is his turn to take the reign of the reign of the kingdom in his hand. Bjorn is going to be a very able king since he is very similar to Ragnar and while Ragnar has made numerous mistakes in his times, Bjorn is more cautious and will not make similar mistakes.

Even though the people of Kattegat will make Bjorn sit on the throne since Ragnar is still injured from the siege of Paris and Bjorn is asked to take control of the situation with Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) beside him.