Vikings Season 4: Michael Hirst Reveals Photo Indicating Betrayal, Floki To Face Trial!

Irrespective of who comes to the throne, Bjorn’s claim to the throne will not be without any opposition. Initially there were reports that the people will remove Ragnar and place his eldest son on the throne.

However, it now seems like Bjorn will have to fight his place. Bjorn is the best candidate for the throne since he is completely like his father. The two of them have the same temperament and characteristic and hence the people of Kattegat want to have Bjorn as their next ruler.

Vikings Season 4 will see Peter Franzén joining in as King Harold Finehair. Finehair will have his eyes set on becoming the king of Norway and will be a potential enemy of Ragnar. Jasper Pääkkönen is going to be a part of Vikings Season 4 as well and will be playing the role of Halfdan The Black, the violent brother of King Harold.

The new season will also see Dianne Doan playing the role of Yidu, a Chinese slave who will be rescued by Ragnar and brought to Kattegat. Yidu is set to have an affair with Ragnar in Vikings Season 4.

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