Vehicle Coordinator Shows Off The Cars In Fast & Furious 8, Helen Mirren Part Of The Film, Agrees To It Only If Allowed To Drive!

Charlize Theron is also going to be a part of Fast & Furious 8, where she will play the role of Cipher, the main antagonist of the film, with whom Dom Toretto’s gang will have to deal. There were reports that Dame Helen Mirren is also going to be roped in for a role in Fast & Furious 8.

There was no confirmation on this, but Christian Times has reported that Helen Mirren is officially a part of Fast & Furious 8, and there is a lot of hush-hush surrounding her role. Some reports suggest that Helen Mirren might be playing the role of a former member of the CIA, who will help Toretto’s gang against Cipher.

There has been no validation of this report even though it was said that Helen Mirren’s role is going to be an important one for Fast & Furious 8. There were some speculations on whether the classy and sophisticated actress will participate in the action-packed sequences of the film. Mirren herself has come out to state that she loves to drive, and she is going to be a part of the film only if she is allowed to drive.

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