Veep: Selina Goes To The New Office, The Show Holds On To Its Old Essence, And More

Comedies don’t evolve and develop. Once the plot is created, the hope is that the jokes and characters will remain fresh to keep it going. Veep has nailed this dynamic completely. It has evolved the story without compromising on the aspects that make the show such a great success.

The characters have new jobs and responsibilities, but their basic idiosyncrasies have still not changed. Selina in spite of being the President is still self-involved. In the premier episode, the debacle with the teleprompter during the acceptance speech just goes on to show the tightrope that the characters are going to walk between competence and complete disaster.

The new season of Veep is going to be better than the previous ones. Tony Hales, who plays the loyal personal assistant to new President Selina Hayes, has a lot up his sleeves this season. Gary will take a new job as the personal secretary to the President of the United States, and this will not be an easy task.

Meyer is now exhibiting little to no patience when it comes to handling those subordinate to her, and this will make things difficult. In an interview for The Frame with John Horn, Hales talks about what’s in store for Gary.

Veep Season 4 completely removed any doubts from the viewer’s mind that things will change now that Selina Meyer is in the Oval office. The first episode felt like all the others and successfully managed to continue with the essence of the series.