Half Life 3 Release Date Leaked at GDC with Gabe Newell Denying All Rumors, Android/iOS Half-Life Game Possible, And More

Earlier this month, Half-Life 3 was announced by online retailers at GDC 2015. Certain reports suggest that Valve has confirmed the development of Half-Life 3. Sadly, Gabe Newell, the chief executive officer of Valve totally dumped the idea regarding an upcoming release date for this massively-anticipated title. Gabe Newell said to Game Slide podcast that the only reason they would go back and perform a super classic kind of product is only if a major bunch of internal people at Valve wanted to do it.

They should also have a solid reason to back it up. If they wish to make another Half-Life game while disregarding everything that they learnt from shipping Portal 2 along with all the updates on the multiplayer side, it seems like a rather bad choice. Meanwhile, Valve announced the new Source 2 Engine on 3rd March on GDC 2015. However Gabe Newell, Valve co-founder declared that Half-Life 3 is not in production. At the same time, he didn’t deny the possibilities of the future development of this title.

Valve declared that the Source 2 Engine will be would be free to developers. The developer also revealed the Steam OS machine along with the Vive Virtual Reality Headset.  Gamers presently believe that Valve might start working on Half-Life 3 in order to test out their new game engine. Fans also believe that Half-Life 3 might be released as a Steam OS Exclusive game during a few months after its release on additional platforms. In the meantime, Transmissions Element 120 is an hour-long single player story that has been set after Half-Life 2: Episode 2 events. It has been in development by Shokunin for more than two years now.