Spartan Browser Included In Latest Windows 10 Build for Phones, Microsoft Forces Windows 10 Ads through Update!

Microsoft has started releasing the second build (10051) of Windows 10 technical preview for phones like they promised a week back. This upgrade is being released for Windows Insider users and also includes an early version of the Spartan Browser for smartphones. Reports indicate that it supports all Lumia phones for now. You can take a look at the list of phones and see if you support it. Keep in mind that it doesn’t support the Lumia Icon, 930 and the 640XL due to a certain scaling problem. According to Microsoft, in its blog post, the list has remained majorly unchanged with Lumia Icon being the only exception.

According to Microsoft, there is an issue with the scaling on these devices as mentioned before. The User interface is too small to be used, and the developers need to add further code in order to support thresholds designed for these devices. At the same time, this build will not support Microsoft phones, which are built by OEMs. However, it will bring lots of new and advanced features like Project Spartan’s early version, which makes use of the new rendering engine. It also promises to provide increased interoperability with the latest mobile web. It further includes the preliminary versions of Reading List and Reading View. Keep in mind that it’s not the default browser but presently co-exists with IE 11.

Meanwhile, the new built-in Outlook Mail and the Outlook Calendar for Windows 10 has been added. The new applications are designed to bring revamped User Interface and a toggle to move freely from Calendar to Email without having to visit the Start screen.  Customizable swipe gestures have been introduced in Outlook Mail added with a new email authoring experience.

Outlook Mail adds leverage over the usual capabilities of Word. Recently, there is added formatting supports like using bullets, adding pictures, inserting tables and much more.  Users can also remove accounts in Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar by using these apps. Furthermore, the settings app no longer has the Email + Accounts page. The current Messaging and Phone apps included in this build add a new visual design. The People app also has a new improved design.