Vampires Diaries: Nina Dobrev Ready to Leave the Show, Promises Fans a Great Season 6, And More News

Elena has evolved and changed over the course of the show. She went from an ordinary human being to a blood-thirsty vampire and lost friends and family along the way. When it comes to her love life, it’s always been an interesting issue for the viewers. Elena has in the recent times chosen Damon over Stefan, but we know that there is chemistry between the trio that will never vanish, and this is something that we will miss when Elena’s character doesn’t come back next season.

Fans are in a tizzy trying to figure out how the plot will evolve now, with Nina Dobrev’s Elena out of the scene. With a major character removed from the plot, there has to be some major reshuffling. However, Dobrev has said in an interview that she had always intended to leave The Vampire Diaries after Season 6. The producers and writers were then prepared for this departure and might have some interesting twists and turn planned ahead.

The Vampire Diaries made a bold move in removing Klaus and his family into another show called The Originals, leaving The Vampire Diaries without some of its most preferred villains, but the show survived this move and had plans for some major spin-offs.