Vampires Diaries: Nina Dobrev Ready to Leave the Show, Promises Fans a Great Season 6, And More News

Yes, the day is finally inching near when Season 6 is wrapped up, and Nina Dobrev bids adieu to the show. Nina had confirmed on the 6th of April that she is indeed leaving and even made the most of the last few days in her hand with a fun-filled lake party with her friends from the cast of the show.

In a lengthy statement released by the actress in her Instagram account, she addressed the rumor that has been building up for a long time now. She said that the lake party was not a summer celebration, but a goodbye of sorts. She said that she was indeed leaving the show and teased fans by promising a great show in the remaining Season 6 episodes.

The Vampire Diaries had their numerous share of deaths, fires and accidents, but in spite of it all, most of the characters are still very much a part of the show and the plot line. It’s just sad that the one actor who has decided to leave the show is Nina Dobrev.

Yes, Elena Gilbert isn’t an interesting character to watch. She is whiny, self-righteous and can be a bit of a bore, but we still can’t deny that it was interesting to watch her as she became a badass vampire.

It was through Elena Gilbert, played by Nina Dobrev, that we got a glimpse into the lives of our famous vampires, the Salvatore brothers, in Mystic Falls. The voice over for the show might say that it’s Stefan’s story, but we all know that it isn’t true. It focused a lot on Elena and how she transformed from a normal high school girl to a vampire.

Nina Dobrev’s Elena was a character all viewers could connect to because we learned the ropes of the life of the vampires in Mystic Falls along with her. The dilemma and troubles that she had while she discovered new things was something that the viewers also felt within them.