Tyler Hoechlin Doesn’t Want To Return For Teen Wolf Season 6, Casting Looking For Dylan O’Brien’s Body Double!

The weird thing about the photo double for Dylan O’Brien is that they are looking for a person who is similar to his look in Season 1. O’Brien has changed a lot since the first season and this casting call has confused the fans to a large extent. The fact that the show is looking for actors who look similar to Stiles in Season 1 gave rise to a lot of speculation.

Some feel that the show might be going back in time. This immediately got the fans excited since they wanted to know what it is being planned by Jeff Davis in the upcoming season. However, it was soon revealed that the casting call has been made for another photo double for Dylan O’Brien and this time the team is looking for someone who looks like the actor at present.

The production for Teen Wolf Season 6 had been postponed so that Dylan O’Brien could recuperate, but since that is taking time, they have decided to go ahead with a lookalike replacement until he is back on his feet. The creator of the series has made it very clear that they aren’t going to replace Stiles.

No official announcement has been made on whether Teen Wolf Season 6 has started or not, but Melissa Ponzoi, who plays the role of Scott mother on the show had shared a photo on her Instagram page that looked like the sets of Teen Wolf Season 6.

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