Tom Clancy’s The Division Tops Latest UK Sales Chart, Currently The Most Popular Game On Xbox One, Developers to Roll Out Patch 1.0.2 For The Game!

  • Another issue where players were prevented from looting following network disconnection will also be fixed.
  • Issue related to Stage 1 Rogue timers not displaying correct time will also get fixed.


  • Better loot will be dropped by named enemies in Challenge mode compared to Hard Mode.
  • The update will stop the respawning of Named NPCs in the Open World after being killed.
  • A speed run exploit for Rooftop Comm Relay mission will get fixed by the update.
  • An issue in which a weapon would not deal any damage when the reload animation was interrupted by the death of an agent will also be fixed.
  • An issue in which the skill power would increase permanently while using the death by Proxy talent will get fixed.
  • The issue in which players were unable to gain experience by completing Midtown East safe house side-missions will be addressed by the update.

Apart from all of these, the update also brings a number of other tweaks to the UI, graphics, audio and localization of the game. A number of platform related issues will also be fixed by it. readers can check out the full list here.

Stay tuned for more update on Tom Clancy’s The Division.