Tom Clancy’s the Division Releases on 8th March, Ubisoft Declares ‘No Microtransactions’ In Order To Win Over Gamers, And More

Jansen said, “The way I define microtransactions is you pay to win, or spend money to get ahead or get to the goal. We have no such thing in the game nor have any plans for that,” “We’ll have DLC [downloadable content] down the line where you can buy new clothing, purely cosmetic items that do not affect gameplay in any way.

You can buy a pack of that, but it’s not pay-to-win.” After The Division releases on 8th March, the plan is to introduce free updates which according to Jensen, should come with new content and experiences.

In first-person shooters, microtransactions are nothing new but their inclusion has tended to dissatisfy fans. Bungie said in 2015 December that there would be no microtransactions which affect the overall gameplay in Destiny.

The developer further announced level-raising booster packs (to level 25) for $30, about half the initial price of the game. Companies make millions or even billions like Riot Games’ “League of Legends,” as part of the $61 billion global digital market. This happens even if there is a potential to lose gamers, as revealed by industry analyst SuperData Research.

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