Miranda Kerr: Spotted with A Diamond Engagement Ring, Uploads Photo Showing Gymnastic Skills, Has A Crush On Selena Gomez, And More

Miranda Kerr was spotted driving around her neighborhood in the Venice beach area in L.A and the paparazzi went tizzy because she was rocking a huge diamond ring on her finger. According to Rumor Fix, Miranda Kerr had recently gushed about her new boyfriend Evan Spiegel and it looks like the 25-year-old millionaire might have proposed to her.

While talking to Edit, Miranda Kerr had spoken about her new beau. She said that he might be just of 25 years old, but he is very mature and grown up, like is around 50 years. He is very serious about his work and regularly goes to work and when he is back in the evening, they usual spend quality time at home instead of going out and partying all evening.

Miranda Kerr and ex Orlando Bloom have a baby son Flynn and they had made a decision to not expose Flynn to people they date unless it is serious. Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom had decided that they will get to know the little baby very well before they can let the world focus on him.

According to x17online, now that Evan Spiegel and Miranda Kerr are in a serious relationship, the former has been introduced to the little man in her life. Miranda Kerr has also introduced the new man in her life, Evan Spiegel to her ex Orlando Bloom. Now that Evan Spiegel has got along with the two of them, Miranda Kerr might be ready to go a step further with him.

While Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom had broken up and are happily involved with other people, it is good to see that the two of them are still amicable with each other. Orlando Bloom has started dating singer Katy Perry. There were a lot of rumors suggesting that the two are a couple, but there isn’t any official news yet.

Harper Bazaar went on to report that Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry were seen together while they had taken Miranda Kerr and Bloom’s son Flynn to a children’s party in Robert Downey Jr.’s Malibu house. The two of them were spotted leaving the house in the same car, with Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry sitting in the front while Flynn was seated in the back seat.

There had been rumors about Orlando Bloom having moved on since he was being very flirty and the whole world saw how Katy Perry and he were inseparable at the Golden Globe after party. Things, however, didn’t take shape since Katy Perry was being hot and cold with him and there were rumors that she had even rekindled something with her ex John Mayer around New Years.

Miranda Kerr is one of the most popular models and on Friday she gave her fans a glimpse of her gymnastic skills as well as her to-die-for physique. The model took to Instagram to share a black and white photo of herself jumping on a trampoline while doing the splits.

Her fitness level is so incredible that she is completely parallel to the ground while in mid air.

Miranda Kerr’s photo amassed over 8.2 million lies. The former Victoria’s Secret model had always spoken about her love for gymnastics and the role it played in her formative years. According to Daily Mail, Miranda Kerr used to regularly participate in gymnastic meets, but she became too tall for the sports.