Thor 3: Next Thor To Be A Woman, No Trailer Scheduled As Marvel Set To Ditch Comic-Con!

Fans are excited about this year’s Comic-Con held in California because they believe that plot info about Thor 3 will be revealed there. Fans might be disappointed as reports suggest that there is hardly any chance of this happening. James Gunn the director of Guardian of the Galaxy has gone ahead to state the fact that Marvel hardly seems to be interested to come and participate in the Comic-Con.

If Marvel backs out from Comic-Con this year, this will be a first. Since its inception, Marvel has never missed out of any of the Comic-Cons. The effect of Marvel not participating of at the San Diego Comic-Con falls on the trailer of Thor 3. With no Marvel, there is hardly any chance of the trailer of the movie being released.

If the reports are proven to be true, fans will have to wait until an unknown period of time to see the first look of Thor 3. The movie is scheduled to have a worldwide release sometime in 2017.

With no confirmations from Marvel about the trailer, fans are tending to get impatient.