Third DLC of Fallout 4 Has The Largest Landmass, Far Harbor DLC Performs Poorly on the PS4!

Game Rant reported that one player has finally defeated the mode, and has come out victorious. Kyle Hinckley has ended the challenge without dying even once. He has also become the first player to beat the game without killing anything.

Hinckley was playing the beta version of the Survival Mode of Fallout 4, which is far more challenging since it doesn’t have the updates for all the latest features.

The Survival Mode is one of the toughest that Bethesda has released and there are many players who would rather side-step the mode and wait for something else.

While waiting for Far Harbor, a gamer had taken a look into the files of Bethesda and has revealed that after the third Fallout 4 DLC, the game developers are looking to make Nuka World, with a post-apocalypse theme park that is going to be filled with Nuka Cola rides and mascots.

The report also suggests that Bethesda is working on other Workshops, but there are no details available for the same and fans will have to wait for the developers to confirm.

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