The Young and The Restless: Speculations Surround Gabriel’s Death, Stitch Confesses His Love, Fans Get a Treat!

Like the Star Wars universe, The Young and the Restless opens up with a plot where the Newman and the Abbot family are in strife for decades. The conflict has not changed, but things are going to change with the Santori family coming into the picture.

There are rumors that Victor Newman will finally fall since he has the Abbot’s after him already and with Santori joining the team and with Adam’s real identity coming out, there are chances that the patriarch will not be able to take them all in.

The fans of The Young and the Restless in New Jersey are in for a treat. Genoa City Live is going to be organized there and the event will feature Sean Carrigan known for his character as Stitch, Melissa Ordway who plays the role of Abby and Christian LeBlanc who is Michael.

The stars from The Young and the Restless are going to visit two locations in New Jersey and give the fans the opportunity to ask questions, the actors will give out hints of the upcoming episodes. Given the excitement about upcoming episodes, this is sure to be an interesting event. Tickets are available for fans to grab.

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