The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review, Focus on Latest DLC Pieces and Strategies to Beat The Shrieker

When you are inside the cave, you’ll need to create a bomb to bring out an aggressive Cockatrice, otherwise known as The Shrieker. You have already used Samum in Witcher 2 and that is what you should use. You’ll find Celandine just outside the cave. Using Geralt’s Witcher senses, you’ll be able to chuck the bomb into its nest.

Before getting into the fight, it is recommended that you equip the AARD sign and apply Draconid Oil to your Silver Sword. The crossbow should be equipped as well in order to prevent the Cockatrice from attacking you when it’s aerial. When the creature is on the ground, you should keep blasting AARD at it and slash it while it’s stunned. Remember to use your silver sword as Steel will have negligible effect. Once you’ve killed the beast, take its head to Chet in order to claim your reward.

In other news, Witcher 3 fans were expecting two pieces of DLCs to release this week but sadly CD Projekt RED has announced only one. However, a different source claims the release of another piece of DLC. states that an alternative look is available for the character Ciri.

It is available for the Xbox One through the online store website. Right now, the additional DLC is not available on the PS4. CD Projekt RED plans to introduce two add-ons for Witcher 3. The first add-on ‘Heart of Stone’ will feature a 10-hour adventure while second add-on ‘Blood and Wine’ present gamers with a new location called Toussaint and feature a 20-hours plus story.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!