The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Release Date Delayed, Players Await a Major Treat during Halloween, And More Details

With the expansions, the players are starting to feel good about it. In the meantime, EA released the base unfinished and then goes to believe that the bare bones base is totally worth the AAA price tag on the game, which is a rather big issue. Furthermore, there has been no justification regarding the problems of having a smaller price tag.

Meanwhile, your Sims better get ready for the Spooky Stuff content pack. It contains spooky paintings, decorations, spider webs and furniture and all of them appear to have seen better days! Two new gameplay will be added which are the Pumpkin Carving Station and the Spooky Candy Bowl.

Ghost Sims can carry around the Jack o Lantern created at the carving station or even carry it around or wear it. Meanwhile, Spooky parties can be held where players have the ability to cook new food offerings by using Zombie Cake, Spooky Cookies, and Eyeball Cheese Plate recipes.

At the same time, other Sims can carry their party tricks and treats to the gathering. There will also be new costumes introduced with the Spooky Stuff pack, which can be worn all-year round.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Sims 4!