The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Release Date Delayed, Players Await a Major Treat during Halloween, And More Details

From the looks of it, there’s some good news as well as bad news for the Sims 4 fans. Firstly, the good news is that we now have an official release date for the ‘Get Together’ expansion for The Sims 4; however, the bad news is that the expansion is not coming to us on November. Instead, it has been pushed back to December.

The official Sims 4 website states that North American players will get the Sims 4 Get Together expansion pack on 8th December 2015. Meanwhile, the players who are not in North America will have to wait for a few days as they will get later it week, after a few days.

These delay trends indicate that the developers of Sims 4 need some more time to make sure that all issues and bugs are fixed before the final release of the upcoming expansion. Therefore, on the whole, a month delay to sort things out and root out the issues seems like a smart move made by the developers.

Right now, it seems like the developers of Sims 4 are thinking about adding more personalization and customization to the game as the biggest gameplay change ever. You should know that with the release of this new expansion, your Sims will get to participate in Social Clubs.

Furthermore, you will be able to create your own social clubs while setting your own preferences, characters and rules at the same time. Developers are reportedly working on adding few more items to the game like a Natural Pool and its diving rock along with a new board that says “Don’t wake the Llama”.

Meanwhile, there were some major criticisms regarding Sims 4 before it was finally released. The new vision of The Sims 4 has never been really appreciated by that of the gamers. When the developers wish to make fundamental changes to the game, they need to be honest and also let people know about what the vision is going to be.

With a vague vision, one can never resolve problems or explain away any kind of criticism. At the same time, there were reports that funds from The Sims 4 have been funneled into Battlefield and Titanfall. At the same time, it is simply not done to cut away the budget from a particular game and then provide an inferior product.

Graham Nardone and Ryan Vaughan, producers of The Sims 4 both declared that Sims 4 is truly a stable base game. It came with a lot of cuts and eventually the stability was supposed to be a trade-off. However, since the day of release, the game was completely riddled with bugs.

There was an incest bug which was brought to EA’s attention for months and this is a rather unacceptable bug for a game that is Teen-rated. With this bug, Sims can develop romantic relationships with their children and relatives.

This was a real deal breaker on a game like Sims 4. Another major issue is culling, which happens when the population of town reaches its 180 Sims limit.

The game starts deleting the extra Sims at this point, even the ones that you have formed relationships or procreated with. The developed till declared that this was working as intended but according to their claims, they are trying to fix it.

The players who are able to modify the game have created mods through which this 180 Sims limit can be altered. Peter Moore, the CEO at EA recently declared that customers forget that it takes years to generate all the stuff for Sims games.