The Sims 4 Could Release On the PS4 and Xbox One, Does Romantic Garden Stuff Come with New Features and Gameplay? Let’s See

However, The Whispering Wishing Well increases the risks and rewards and this makes players feel like they are toying with their Sims’ lives to an even greater extent than usual. If you expect spending cash on the add-on will grant you a lot of rewards through the Well: that will not be the case. However, you do get some pretty good-looking garden stuff which won’t go amiss.

The Romantic Garden Stuff comes with an abundance of flowers, statues, various decorations and much more. In order to help you design romantic backdrop scenery, this stuff pack comes with increased landscaping options. Meanwhile, there is a shortage of furniture in Romantic Garden Stuff. You are presented with two stone benches and picnic table but no chairs.

No indoor furniture is included but this is expected since the focus clearly remains outdoors. Most of the objects comprise of Stone archways, rose lattices, perfectly manicured shrubbery, fountains, and rustic statues.

There are also two outdoor lamps, a new fence smothered in shrubs, a medium height window, and a flower box as well. There are a host of color options available which can make plants look different.

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