The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Gearing Up For Release, Price and Specs Rumored!

Although, the initial speculations suggest that Samsung is working on a 128GB MicroSD card expansion capability, we cannot be certain right now! Samsung’s latest Samsung Pay is likely to find its way on the Galaxy Note 5, which can be used with you MasterCard or Visa and is activated by finger scan.

Even though, this feature is currently available on Samsung’s current flagship – the Galaxy S6 – it might stage a comeback with the Note 5 as well! Experts believe that the phablet is likely to release sometime in October this year and could feature a price tag near $900.

In other news, Samsung is working on the S6 Edge as well, which is currently under R&D. Like all major releases of the year, we expect Samsung to make a bold move right before IFA 2015. Judging by the circumstances, we could be looking at an early to mid-September release date on the products.

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