The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Lisa wants Lady Gaga for Season 6, Dr. Phil Interviews Kim Richards, And More

TMZ had suggested that the real fight between the two sisters happened after the cameras stopped filming. The drama started when Kim’s dog bit one of Kyle’s children, which made her rush to the hospital immediately.

This episode was mentioned in the reunion, which proved that TMZ’s report was true. Kim was very upset and she was crying, while Kyle was shouting and narrating the incident that took place on Halloween.

Kyle narrated how Kim’s rowdy pooch, Kingsley had attacked her daughter, Alexia, sending her to the hospital. Kyle claimed that the dog bite had caused a bone infection, which Kim claimed was because Kyle didn’t let Alexia have her antibiotics.

Kim Richards has come to the news with her arrest on 16th April. Kim Richard has some major problems in her life and it’s believed that if she doesn’t sort them then they can make things a lot more difficult in her future.

Dr. Phil interviewed Kim Richard right after her arrest, but things didn’t go as intended. Dr. Phil said that Kim was showing tendencies common to alcoholics and addicts and this wasn’t taken well by her.