The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7: NeNe Walks Off Therapy While Phaedra Applies For Divorce, And More News

Meanwhile, the lives of the other housewives are not very pleasant and easy either. Kenya Moore, the former Miss USA is getting overwhelmed by her career. Her role as the director, producer, writer and actor is starting to take a toll. She tries to focus on the job at hand to escape the therapy session drama but finds it difficult to cope. She feels she has taken up more than she can handle. She is hopeful that the collaboration with Roger Bobb will help her, work out a situational comedy.

Phaedra Parks is on the other hand looking for a divorce from her husband, Apollo Nida. He recently turned himself in and is now servicing a prison sentence. Phaedra feels she was wrong in believing that Apollo was a changed man, when they married. She thinks that her husband is trying to kill her and she was losing her sanity with worry.

The newbie of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7, Claudia Jordan has been making enemies because of her outspoken and bold nature and she is not doing anything to change it. She says that she is a little too real for the other housewives and there lies the problem.

Jordan said that she is not one to pretend and put things aside, ignoring the elephant in the room. Leakes and Jordan had some major differences, but she feels that her friendship with Moore will see her through the season.