Microsoft Windows 10 Will Be Provided Free To Select Users While Latest 10041 Build Has Been Released, And More Details

Microsoft declared that it would provide Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 customers with a free Windows 10 upgrade. However, Microsoft is now declaring that the upgrade paths through a recently released document. The release took place at Microsoft’s WinHec hardware partner conference presently taking place in Shenzhen, China. If you have kept your machine up-to-date, chances are that you will be receiving the Windows 10 upgrade for free.

If you have a computer that is running on the latest updated Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you will be able to download the highly-anticipated fresh new operating system which will arrive later this year. Sadly, if you have a 1st or 2nd generation Windows Surface RT tablet, you will not be receiving this upgrade. The same goes for any other tablet that runs the Windows RT operating system.

Meanwhile, in the Windows Phone OS platform, the devices which run Windows Phone 8.1 will soon receive the over-the-air update to the latest Windows 10 Operating system. According to the documents released by Microsoft, the Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices are not eligible for the latest update. Rumors indicate that Microsoft might push out an 8.1 update for the devices currently running Windows 8. However, when this will happen is not at all clear.

The legacy owners of Windows tablets and phones should be shopping for a new device during this fall. Thankfully, it seems like there will be a lot of new devices to be choosing from. In the meantime, there are certain hardware specs that Microsoft wants the hardware makers to make use of, for the Windows 10 and Windows Mobile 10 devices.

According to Microsoft, the phones which run Windows 10 should have a display size ranging from 3 to 7.99 inches and 512MB-4GB RAM. At the same time, the laptops and desktops running this OS should have at least 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage capacity. For now, users can download the Windows 10 preview for free. The official Windows 10 OS version will be released to the public, during the middle of this year.