The Originals Season 2: Is Klaus Making A Big Mistake By Trusting Dahlia? Davina Could Bring Back Kol, And More Information

With only two episodes on The Originals Season 2 left, things are going to get even more exciting. The viewers have always had a hard time going ahead with Klaus’ ( Joseph Morgan) decision and this time around, we sure hope that he can rely on his intelligence to keep things right.

Klaus’ decision to work with Dahlia (Claudia Black) is just plain wrong and this time things might end up getting bad for him. Everything that Dahlia showed Klaus about her past is something that she had created in her own mind and not the truth. She is not a reliable narrator, but unlike the narrator, Klaus isn’t aware of this.

If what Dahlia has narrated is the truth then she isn’t the villain we have all thought her to be. Dahlia has told Klaus that the first born in a family of witches is very powerful and she is helping them all by sharing their magic. We have already seen that the baby Hope has magical powers, but then is it really a practical move to believe what Dahlia has to say?

This is something that viewers of The Originals Season 2 will have to wait and watch. For now the viewers are seeing the Dahlia tell Klaus, exactly what he wants to hear. About understanding his position as the unwilling villain, his desire to want to be Hope’s father without influencing Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and trying to convince Klaus that all that is happening is keeping Hope safe.

The Originals Season 2 depicted the humane side of things with the grieving for Aiden. In spite of all the rivalries and differences everyone set these aside to make be there with Josh and grieve for Aiden.

As we move forward in The Originals Season 2 we see that Klaus is out to seek revenge. After escaping death in the hands of his brother Elijah (Daniel Gillies) who tried to stab him, vampire-wolf hybrid is out to settle scores.