The Next DLC for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Will Be Based in Brazil, Patch Update Optimized!

Moreover, when the shield is equipped, the auto-reload feature in Blackbeard’s primary weapons will stay disabled. Ubisoft released a new patch for Rainbow Six Siege, which deals with some of the issues present in the game.

These include problems like failure in spawning new players, stuttering of the controller when the RS button is moved slowly in a direction, broken animation problem whenever Jager tries picking up his gadget behind a glass window and much more.

When it comes to gameplay optimization, the new patch update improves the gunfire tracer representation accuracy. The source of bullet traces can now be acquired from the first person model. This would result in a more boosted accuracy trace representation. The earlier third person models resulted in inaccurate gunfire situations.

Meanwhile, Erik Kain of Forbes revealed that the cheaper version of Rainbow Six Siege is only available from 2nd to 19th June and after that, it will go away. People who purchase the game will gain access to all the features. However, you can make the purchase in only a narrow window of time.

What are your thoughts regarding the new updates? Stay tuned for more information on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege!