The New Apple iPad Mini 4 is Slimmer and Better Than the iPad Mini 2!

Apple fans are expecting that the price of the upcoming tablet will be reduced, to tempt buyers to buy the latest model rather than get the Apple iPad Mini 2 with an iOS update. With the iPad Mini priced at $399, tech experts find the product a little over-priced and they feel that people will put in some more money and go for an Apple iPad 4.

There are speculations where people feel that Apple iPad Mini 4 might not come out this year. The company got a lot of success with the iPhone 6 Pus and it might so be that the R&D Department of the company is more interested to vest time into the iPad Pro which is sized at 12.9 inches.

We have to wait and watch to see what happens when to comes to the much-awaited successor of Apple iPad Mini 2.

Apple iPad Mini 2 is still very popular in the market; can iPad Mini 4 better it?