The New Apple iPad Mini 4 is Slimmer and Better Than the iPad Mini 2!

Apple fans just cannot hold on to their patience anymore. The time has almost come for one of the most rumoured Apple device to be launched. Yes, we are talking about the Apple iPad Mini 4.

The Cupertino company has tried to keep things under the cover, but sources confirm that they do have information about the specs of the upcoming Apple iPad Mini 4. It was last year when Apple launched its iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2, ever since then the Apple iPad Mini 4 is been on the radar of the Apple enthusiasts.

Reports suggest that the upcoming iPad will be slimmer than its older versions namely Apple iPad Mini 2 and Apple iPad Mini 3. It is expected to come with a 7.9-inch display and have better functional features than the Apple iPad Mini 2 and Apple iPad Mini 3. The upcoming Apple iPad Mini 4 will be released and marketed by Verizon.

The leaks suggest that Apple iPad Mini 4 will come with an A9 processor inside. With this processor being made only by Samsung it looks like the next iPad will have one of its main component from its all-time rival.  Apple iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3 had the A8 processor.

The new Apple iPad Mini 4 will have a 2 GB RAM and the latest iOS 9. It will come with the Rootless technology. It is said that Rootless will make it impossible for the jailbreakers to breach into the system and it will restrict access to certain raw files as well as some specific functions, for security reasons. The new iPad is said to have a sensor which is touch enabled.

As per Bloomberg, with Samsung winning the contract to supply the processors for the upcoming Apple iPad Mini 4, it can settle its past scores with TSMC. TSMC won the previous contract to make chipsets for Apple iPads and iPhones.

Apple is expected to make the announcement about the launch of the successor of Apple iPad Mini 2 sometime in the “Spring Forward Event”. There has not been any news about the launch of Apple iPad Mini 4 from the tech company during the launch of the Apple Watch and MacBook Pro.