The New 2016 Toyota Tacoma Offers a Lot While Remaining a Serious Off-Roader in the U.S!

The TRD Sport models come with scoops and vents while the plain-wrap SR models look quite simple and purposeful. All of the models come with a desert racer theme which works with the look indicating more ground clearance and a higher stance compared to what was earlier. The payload of the new model ranges from 1200lbs to 1600lbs, depending on the specific truck configuration.

All Tacoma models have been rated to tow 3500lbs but with the optional V6 Tow Prep Package installed, some can even tow up to 6800lbs. The sway control has been included as a standard option in this year’s Tacoma which should be beneficial, irrespective of whatever size trailer you are towing.

The Tacoma doesn’t come with any features that make it look cheap or rough-hewn. Instead, it includes luxury-level specifications like dual zone climate control, heated power leather seats and smart key with a push-button start.

There are also other features that have been integrated into most of the trim levels. At the same time, Toyota’s Entune infotainment system has also been included as a standard option across all Tacoma variants.

In the higher trim levels, you will experience more enhanced versions and more elaborate sound systems. Siri Hands Free is also a standard option on the new Tacoma. The Tacoma comes with Cellphone-based Scout GPS integration, replacing the factory in-dash GPS systems.

Stay tuned for more updates on 2016 Toyota Tacoma!