The Must-Buy Defenders of FIFA 16 Career Mode, Ultimate Team of the Year Announced But Doesn’t Include Harry Kane!

It is quite important to have a strong defense and a scary strike partnership but at the same time, the midfielders are the ones who affect the game more than anyone else present on the pitch. It could be supporting the forwards or protecting the backlines or winning balls and scoring goals. In every phase of the match, the players in the middle of the field are highly crucial.

With the help of a top quality midfield, you will end up winning a bunch of matches throughout the play season. If you are looking for a powerful enforcer, a tricky CAM player who can unlock opponent defenses or someone who is highly quick and skillful, you should check out some of the highly favorite midfielders in FIFA 16 Career Mode out there.

For quite some time now, Sergio Busquets has been a top signing. Presently, he is only 27 years old and tends to have a technical ball-playing midfielder kind of quality. Keep in mind that his best years are still quite ahead of him.

He comes with top quality passing while starting off at 86. His best years are quite ahead of him. Keep in mind that if you are looking for someone to break off the play, he might not come off as the ideal player. Winning the ball and chasing down opponent attackers will be difficult with him. Due to his slow nature, he won’t be any good in aerial battles as well. Nemanja Matic on the other hand, is a more hard-tackling ball player.

His physical as well as defending stats are quite outstanding in nature. He has some potential growth left from 84 to 87 overall. While going forward, he isn’t useless either.  Although he isn’t the quickest player in the pitch, keep in mind that he is not a slowpoke either.

Signing him on in the first season will allow you to happily dominate matches for the next four years. Meanwhile, Paul Pogba is a character who should be signed on at the beginning of every career mode game that is ever played.

Pogba’s 86 overall rating comes with dribbling, shooting, passing and physical stats all over 80 and a wonderful hairdo that’s should increase it to 90+. Pogba is someone you should definitely try getting but regardless of that, Marco Verratti is still quite an excellent buy.

You can fit him on your current side or just place him beside Pogba. In the priority signing queue, Rodriguez is right behind Paul Pogba. This man was great even before he ended up winning the Golden boot at the 2014 World Cup.

Due to his performance for Columbia in Brazil, he was made hot property and this further got him a real contract at Real Madrid. Due to this contract, it will be difficult for you to sign him right away. On the other hand, there are many great CAM players out there like Mesut Özil, Kevin de Bruyne and Mario Götze.

You could also get Philippe Coutinho who is a different style of player altogether. When given enough room, he is pacey and threatening and with his 89 acceleration, he manages to strike terror in the hearts of lumbering defenders.

Meanwhile, FIFA 16;s Ultimate Team of the Year has been announced but sadly, there is no place for Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Kane, in the squad. Instead, eight of the 11 come from the Spanish Top Flight and we have one player from France Ligue 1 along with another from German Bundesliga. There is also one from Serie A in Italy.