The Mindy Project Season 4: Hulu To Stream The Upcoming Season, Fox Cancels It Following Dipping TRP, And More

The Vice President and content head of Hulu, Craig Erwich has mentioned the fact that Mindy happens to be an existing member of the channel and this deal to air The Mindy Project Season 4 is nothing, but an extension to their already set relation. This was not all, he further went on to mention the fact that Mindy has a huge army of fan who already tune in to Hulu to watch the previous episodes and he is more than just certain about the fact that they will be excited to see what Mindy has for them in the upcoming episodes.

Fox went ahead to cancel The Mindy Project last week soon after they wrapped up their third season. The show did not do well with the ratings, which was the primary reason for Fox withdrawing its support from airing Season 4 of The Mindy Project.

Reports suggest that only 2.31 million viewers were there in the age group of 18-49 who were watching The Mindy Project Season 3. On the other hand the show in recent times did good in DVR and online viewership which explains why Hulu went ahead to lend their support.

An unknown source has gone ahead to report to that the show has a loyal and upscale audience, which clearly gives a reason for Hulu to go ahead with airing the 4th season of the series.