The Mindy Project Season 4: Greater Number of Episodes this Season, Perez Turning Mindy into a Fashion Icon, And More

Here’s exciting news for the fans of The Mindy Project Season 4. Mindy Kaling herself has confirmed that writing for The Mindy Project Season 4 has commenced. Mindy has informed Zap2it that the writing has started last week. The work of writing twenty six episodes is a big one and hence the writers have decided to take chunks and complete them.

Kaling has confirmed that the shift to Hulu and the increase in the number of episodes won’t affect the format of the show. The Mindy Project Season 4 will follow the same format they have always been using. The increase in the number of episodes would only help them to push the envelope further.

The creative team is not going to change the essence of the ideas of the show. The Mindy Project Season 4 will not change the tone that has been an inherent part of the series. The partnership with Hulu will only help to be more daring in their conceptualisation for the show.

The executive producer and lead actress Mindy Kaling has said that The Mindy Project Season 4 will change the way the viewers had previously viewed the show, but in the same time keep the charm of the series intact.

The Mindy Project Season 4 is going to be aired in Hulu since it was cancelled by Fox. The shift to Hulu will allow the creative team to try out edgier things that they weren’t allowed to try while in a network.

Mindy Kaling, the creative brain behind the popular series has agreed to the fact that in spite of being very creative, her co-writer Matt Warburton and she had to repress certain aspects, because Fox had the final say about the content and plot of the series. The shift to Hulu, will enable them to be free of this restrain and go ahead with The Mindy Project Season 4 in any way they want.

Fox had cancelled The Mindy Project Season 4 because of all viewership. This cancellation had disheartened numerous fans of the series, but Hulu had come in to save the day. Master Herald has reported that with Hulu in the picture, fans can expect more secenes between Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) and her boyfriend Danny Castellano (Chris Messina).

Mindy Kaling who is the showrunner of The Mindy Project, recently held a Q&A with the costume designer of the show, Salvador Perez. The pair shares a very easy and charming relationship and explained the relationship they share in their work-life.