Jennifer Aniston: New Face For Smartwater, Plans to Launch a Cookbook, And More

Jennifer Aniston had become the American sweetheart after her portrayal of Rachel Green in the popular sitcom FRIENDS. She has since then transformed and evolved as an actress and has been on screen portraying different roles.

Jennifer Aniston has become the new face of Smartwater. In the new campaign that was launched a few days beck, Aniston is portrayed as a producer, director and businesslady. Smartwater wanted to target the working girl and promote them company as the water preferred by the smart and active women and it has succeeded in hitting the bull’s eye.

In the campaign, Jennifer Aniston rocks three looks. She has on three ensembles- a white buttoned blouse, paired with a blazer and well tailored slacks, a striped top with a jacket and jeans and the last one a V-neck t-shirt with a white coat and pants. She looked radiant and stunning with her signature blowout hairstyle.

Jennifer Aniston is captured on the go in each of the images. Either she is stepping out of the cab or coming out after a meeting or busy directing a scene. The reason behind the image is to inspire people. Caroline Kibler, the director of Smartwater has said that the images of the ambitious lady on the go, is expected to inspire people and the water is going to be associated with the go-getters.

Smartwater is inspired by the clouds and the company wants to extend this inspiration to inspire their customers in their day-to-day life. Kibler believes what Smartwater stands for. She believes that great things in life happen little by little, one sip at a time.

Jennifer Aniston had to fight hard to leave behind her rom-com image to finally land herself a serious role. Her role in Cake not only helped her break the stereotypical image people had of her, but also got her numerous award nominations including the Oscar.

Cake has helped her silence her critics, but she isn’t ready to rest. She is determined to not do rom-coms and focus solely on serious roles. Jennifer Aniston is not only known for her acting skills, she is supposedly a great cook as well and plans to share her kitchen secrets through a cookbook.

The cookbook that Aniston is planning is going to have recipes that combine the healthy and the tasty. Jennifer Aniston told Yahoo Beauty that she is planning on doing something that would help those who struggle with their diet to make a change in their lifestyle.