The Leftovers Witnesses the Return of Megan Abbott, Lindelof Keeping the Plot Under Wrap, Michael Gaston Roped in for Murder in The First BY TNT!

The Leftovers Season 3 is going to be finale for the series. Based on a book of the same name by Tom Perotta, the HBO series had been adapted for the television by Damon Lindelof. The series had started with the plot that has been depicted on the novel, but ever since the second season, it has been given a fresh lease of life by showrunner Lindelof.

It will be surprising to find out that The Leftovers Season 2 was more successful than the first season that was based entirely on the novel. David Lindelof has breathed in a new life to the series.

Those who have read a novel usually do not find the televised version of it unappealing, but with Lindelof’s treatment, there is something different in it even for the readers who have finished the novel. They discover something new in the story with every episode and have to go back to the book to find out how they have missed the small little nuances.

The fans are very excited to hear about The Leftover Season 3 since the last season had ended in a major cliffhanger. With Damon Lindelof making it very clear that he is going to wrap up the series with the third season, fans are waiting for all their questions to be cleared.

Lindelof had known that he will always have to envision the end of the story when he had taken up the task of adapting The Leftovers for the television. He had always seen it in a three-part series and hence doesn’t have any qualms about the fact that he will have to bring the series to an end soon.

According to Movie News Guide, Liv Tyler will be back in the final season of The Leftovers. Liv Tyler will play the role of Megan Abbott and is very excited to be back. The actress herself had confirmed to the news. Ecumenical News has reported that apart from Liv Tyler’s Megan Abbott, other interesting characters are going to be returning for Season 3.

The last time the viewers had seen Meg, she had been heading to Miracle town. The viewers had been very to find out what’s going through Megan Abbott’s mind. When Digital Spy asked Liv Tyler to give some scoop about the role she is going to play in the upcoming season of The Leftovers, Liv Tyler said that she is waiting for the answer just like all the other fans.

Damon Lindelof is supposedly very secretive when he is writing. He doesn’t share any details of the story until he has completed a chunk. He then lets the team know about the story that he has developed in a long email.

Liv Tyler said that they are still waiting to find out what’s in store in the next season of The Leftovers. For now, all that they know is that they are going start with the production soon.

With The Leftovers coming to an end with Season 3, the actors are focusing on other series that they can continue in when the former finally comes to an end. Michael Gaston is going to be a part of Murder in the First Season 3. Gaston has been made a series regular in the TNT drama and will be working with Steven Bochco.

Michael Gaston and Steven Bochco had previously worked together in Blind Justice. However, the spinoff of NYPD Blue was canceled by the network after the very first season.