The Last of Us 2 Release Date Remains Uncertain, Storyline, Plot and Character Rumors Continue!

It will reveal a story about how Ellie developed her immunity against the infection. If gamers put their thoughts into this, Naughty Dog can use a lot of possibilities and exploit many different angles as much as they want. Naughty Dog maintains a gap of two to three years in between subsequent game releases.

When released in 2013, the game was a tremendous hit. People are wondering whether the next game will be a sequel or a prequel.You can expect this game to release sometime in 2017. It will be a long wait but fan theories, speculations and rumors should keep us occupied till then.

Meanwhile, Shinobi602 is an industry insider who has accurately reported many games in the past. Recent reports suggest that God of War 4 will be announced in this year’s E3 instead of The Last of Us 2. Shinobi said that E3 2016 will feature the big reveal of this game.

According to him, Kratos will be in this game but he won’t be the main protagonist .moreover, if God of War does release, it will be called something else.

A report which released back in April claimed that the upcoming God of War game will be based on Norse instead of Greek mythology. Shinobi said that Naughty Dog might be developing prototypes of The Last of Us 2 but it is highly unlikely that the game will be revealed in E3 2016.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Last of Us 2!