The Future of Left 4 Dead and the Things We’d like to Experience in the Third Installment!

Left 4 Dead 2 was filled with fun and chaos but it’s slowly starting to show its age. If Valve does make a third installment, here are some of the things that we’d like to see.

Firstly, Left 4 Dead 3 should feature the use of Iron Sights for weapons. In the earlier installments, all sorts of weaponry like assault rifles, grenade launchers and others had to be fired from the hip. There have been countless Left 4 Dead moments when the gamer just wants to pick off a certain infected zombie from a distance but that’s not possible.

There are a lot of humanoid zombies like smokers, boomers, Spitters; hence, we need a couple of nasty and terrifying animal zombies now! Meanwhile, the bots need to be clever. With the lack of teammates, you need to resort to bots which are immensely dumb. Hence, an improved bot AI is mandatory.

Stay tuned for more updates on Left 4 Dead 3!