Lexus Hoverboard Lives Up To Its Name but ‘Floating On Concrete’ Teaser is a Visual Enhancement!

If you’ve watched ‘’Back to the Future’’ Part 2 and 3, you should remember we saw something called the hoverboard. Now, as a kid when most of us watched this movie, we fascinated about it. Damn the skateboard, we just wanted a hoverboard after seeing what it could do! Remember those boards that Biff was riding?

Yes, I know, I know, I want it badly too. Meanwhile, in reality, there were a few trials involving the creation of a hoverboard but none of them were majorly feasible. However, recently Lexus revealed a video that it had created a real hoverboard that one can ride and they named it ‘Slide’.

Sadly, the company didn’t reveal much more but only stated that they would be testing out this board in Barcelona this summer. This news release took the internet by storm and video links are being shared through social-networking sites even as i write.

However, after what comes why and people raised a lot of questions regarding the working mechanism of this device. If you see the video, you will notice the presence of white fumes emitting from the Slide.

The company didn’t share many details but they acknowledged the use of magnetic levitation. It also uses liquid-nitrogen cooled semiconductors and magnets to move around. However, the video which the company released on Tuesday shows the board working on concrete in a skatepark.

As a result, folks started asking how that works given that a magnetic surface is needed for it to work. Thanks to Spanish Website, El Patin, we are now receiving some answers. Before we get into that, let’s talk about the teaser video first.

It a 37 seconds video that is presently given rise to more skepticism than excitement. From the looks of it, it appears to be a bamboo and carbon fiber skateboard, levitating  (or ‘hovering’) an inch or two over a concrete surface while emitting puffs of white smoke.

Next comes the most tantalizing part: A foot approaches as if to ride and then…poof! The video ends! However, the Lexus Hoverboard really does live up to its name. Keep in mind that this is not at all a lot of information to put your faith in.

It’s hardly been a year since the latest convincing hoverboard hoax generated from a Funny or Die promotion. Right now, we are halfway through the year in which Back to the Future II took place and therefore, it’s the best time to start some attention-seeking stunts. Well, at least we don’t have flying air traffic yet!