Lexus Hoverboard Lives Up To Its Name but ‘Floating On Concrete’ Teaser is a Visual Enhancement!

Right now, the million dollar question is how the device levitates magnetically on a concrete surface? Mike Norman, Director of the Materials Science Division at Argonne National Lab considered it to be a tease and suggested that the material it’s hovering on is not exactly concrete.

This is where El Patin comes in. The entire park seems to have been lined with a metal track. The track also appears to be embedded in the quarter pipe, as shown in one of the photos shown on El Patin’s website. As a result, it is suggested that viewers shouldn’t be fooled by the concrete trick.

There is probably a magnetic track hidden underneath the pavement and this creates the illusion of the hoverboard floating on concrete. Sadly, Lexus issued a statement to Business Insider that this hoverboard is not meant to become a consumer product and therefore, will not be available for sale.

Stay tuned for more updates on Lexus Hoverboard!