The Expendables 4 Spin-Off TV Series to Begin, Statham Expresses His Views Regarding Fourth Installment!

Similarly, Pierce Brosnan enjoys the admiration of millions of sentimental fans. Even then, Manny Pacquiao would be the biggest draw, followed by Hulk Hogan, with his cult following.

Besides new actor joining The Expendables 4 franchise, recent reports claim that a spin-off TV series will come out after the fourth installment and action stars from various genres will take part in the episodes, so as to maintain fan interest. However, most TV actors believe that considering the ages of most of these actors, a TV show would be too taxing for them and not viable for the long term. However, fans are simply excited that The Expendables 4 is coming their way, whether it is the small screen or the theater.

Right now, we are not sure whether The Expendables 4 will finally take place. However, Jason Statham seems totally into the prospect of acting in a possible fourth installment of this franchise. During a recent interview with IGN, Statham was asked whether he would like to be a part of the fourth movie in The Expendables franchise.

In response, Jason Statham had nothing but love for Sylvester Stallone and the way he is handling the franchise. He also likes the idea of reprising the role of Lee Christmas in the upcoming movie. According to Jason, acting in a movie directed by him, and staying shoulder to shoulder with Sly is something that every fan of action movies dreams about. He considered the idea terrific and has decided to do as many movies as he wants.

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