The Blacklist Season 3: Red and Liz Separate, Karakrut Reveals Secret, And More Details

She realizes that Jasper has the key to get through to the Kings of the Highway. Liz pretends to be Kenya and the two head off to Jasper’s house, but then the mood turns sour when Jasper is informed by the leader of the Kings that they have found out the true identity of Red and the girl accompanying him.

Jasper and Liz have a tough fight after which Liz is successful in getting through to Cash, the leader. However, Cash isn’t ready to make any deals with Liz. This doesn’t go down well with Pablo, who shoots down Cash to strike a deal with Liz. They are ready to let Red go free in exchange for the parcel that Red is carrying, which is the key to Liz clearing her name.

Before the fans could get a hang of what is happening and what’s in store for Liz, the viewers see Ressler chasing Liz. With the tone in Red’s voice sounding alarmed and scared, fans aren’t sure if Ressler is trying to stop Liz and take her back to clear off her name, or is he with the Cabal and on a mission to stop Liz from creating more havoc.

Ressler warns Liz from running away. Even when she doesn’t stop, he pulls the gun out and tells Liz she is under arrest and The Blacklist Season 3 ends in a cliffhanger.

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