The Blacklist Season 3: Red and Liz Separate, Karakrut Reveals Secret, And More Details

The Blacklist Season 3 had started with Red (James Spader) and Liz (Megan Boone) on the run from the FBI and the Cabal. The very force Liz worked with has now turned against her and she has no other option, but to run with Red’s help. With The Blacklist Season 3 already reaching the midseason break, there is still no word about what’s in the fate of these two.

With just one episode to spare before the season takes a break, there are chances that the midseason finale will throw some light on what’s in store. The synopsis for episode 8 of The Blacklist Season 3 reads that Liz might be cleared of the wrong allegations against her, however, before that happens, she and Red are separated.

Red gets himself into a tricky situation and Liz will have to fend for herself. Things, however, look far from better for Liz because there is a possibility that she gets captured. The episode Kings of Highway, will show Red desperately asking Liz to run, since those in search of her are closing in. Red on his part had a meeting last episode and there are chances that he gets into the sticky position because of this.

With Red not there to help her out, it looks like there’s no hope left for Liz, but then the viewers will find out that there’s still someone back in the FBI who is covering up for her. Samar Navabi (Mozhan Marno) reasons with Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) when asked if she is protecting Liz, saying that Liz won’t be alive if they don’t do so.

The previous episode saw Karakrut (Michael Massee) confessing that Liz had been framed. Karakrut is a notorious Russian assassin and while Liz was looking for information about Karakrut’s presence in the US, she discovers covert information about her mother and this makes her position precarious.

Tom (Ryan Eggold) and Cooper (Harry Lennix) come together to make Karakrut confess the truth about Liz and he finally gives in and states that she has indeed been framed for no fault of hers. Ressler finds this out and is disappointed that Cooper didn’t take him in the team while working with Tom covertly to make Karakrut confess.

However, after Ressler charges Samar about trying to protect Liz and for helping Red and Liz run, the two of them hook up together. Samar herself is having a tough time since she realizes that Zal Bin Hassan, the terrorist who had killed a lot of Mossad agents that she has been closely working with, is her brother.

According to TV Line’s report, the midseason finale of The Blacklist Season 3 will see Liz this close to being exonerated and then the whole thing blowing up in flames. Red and Liz will have to tackle the Kings of the Highway, a bunch of men living in the trailer park who carry on their livelihood by looting and kidnapping people who are travelling.

They capture Red and find out that his real name isn’t Kenneth. They rob Red completely and empty him of the $25, 000 that he has been carrying with himself. The Blacklist Season 3 midseason finale shows Liz trying to find a way to get back Red when she looks for the tow truck driver who had brought Red’s car back to the yard after he was captured.