The Blacklist Season 3: Director Wants Liz Dead, Red Has a Plan, Gina Set to Come Back!

The Blacklist Season 3 is back after its mid season hiatus. The midseason ended with Liz (Megan Boone) being captured by the FBI lead by Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff). She did manage to save Red (James Spader) from his captors, but had to sacrifice her freedom for it.

The mid season will start with Liz trying to stay alive. Liz was trying to stay away from the FBI and the Cabal, but with her in a position to tell her side of the story out in the open, The Cabal will do everything possible to make sure that she doesn’t open her mouth.

In the trailer for The Blacklist Season 3 that has been revealed it is shown that Ressler is still having a hard time believing that Liz is innocent and he tries to ask why she had killed the Attorney General Connolly (Reed Birney) when he was so vulnerable and defenseless.

Liz is seen shouting at him that she doesn’t want to die for them, even if he believes and holds on firmly to his conviction.

It seems like Ressler is rattled by these words of Liz and is seen thinking if what he upholds as his ideals are correct or not. He also seems to question if what is right needs to always be bound by the law. Ressler feels that since Liz is wrong she should be in the custody of the FBI turning a blind eye to the fact that Liz’s life is in jeopardy.

Jon Bokenkamp, the executive producer of The Blacklist spoke about Liz’s situation to Entertainment Weekly. He said that the Cabal is very worried now that Liz is back in the FBI. They know that if she opens her mouth and tells them her side of the story then they will be in trouble.

Red on the other hand had a plan set for Liz’s freedom, but things get messy when he is kidnapped by a highway gang. Now that he is free, Red needs to rev up and set his plan in motion to save Liz. Red has been planning this for a very long time and it is time that things come together.

While Liz is in the FBI where she is in custody, she has friends in it like Aram (Amir Arison) who will go to any length to make sure that she is safe. Red and Aram will give their all to keep Liz alive this season. Bokenkamp has said that they have been placing breadcrumbs in the first part of The Blacklist Season 3 and fans will start to see the clear picture as the season progresses.

Bokenkamp revealed that the first two episodes in The Blacklist Season 3 mid season premiere will be focused on the Director. It will be called The Director Part 1 AND Part 2. The Director isn’t ready to keep Liz alive because that places him in jeopardy. He gives a deadline of three hours to have Liz finished and it is going to be a race against time for Red to save her.

Carter Matt has brought in very interesting news. According to the website, The Blacklist Season 3 midseason will take a turn suddenly because there are chances that the writers will bring in an angle where Liz will realize that she is pregnant.

The synopsis for the episode that will be aired on 28th January states that Liz will find out about some shocking news and she will have to think about what she will do next.