The Blacklist: Red Figures Out Solomon’s Plan to Abduct Liz, Spin-Off to Star Ryan Eggold as the Protagonist, And More

There was a lot of anticipation about The Blacklist Season 3 episode 17 since it was pegged to be the one where Liz (Megan Boone) and Tom (Ryan Eggold) decided to finally have a wedding since their baby would be arriving soon.

However, before the wedding could actually take place, there seems to be some problem heading towards Liz and Red (James Spader) will have to step up to save her.

The seventeenth episode of the latest season of The Blacklist, opened with Solomon (Edi Gathegi) escaping from the custody of the US Marshall. While the agents try to shoot Solomon on behalf of the Cabal, the snipers intrude and kill off all the guards, making Solomon escape easily. The episode then goes on to show Solomon getting hired by a new employer.

It is the same day that Liz and Tom have decided to tie the knot. When Liz informs Red that she is planning on getting married to Tom, Red springs on the news that Solomon has escaped. He knows that Solomon is on the look-out for nuclear weapons and Liz decides to loop in the task force on this information.

According to International Business Times, Liz feels that Red had talked about the break out of Solomon to stop her from getting married to Tom, but Liz is adamant and says that she will keep out of it and get married.

While Liz and Tom are getting married, the task force start on their mission to intercept Solomon before he can reach the nuclear weapons. Liz informs the team to attend the wedding ceremony if they find the time to do so. Cooper (Harry Lennix) is asked to preside over the ceremony and he readily agrees to the proposal.

On the other hand, the Air Force wants the task force to stay out of the mission involving Solomon, but they step in on their own to take care of the weapons.

Things keep on getting more and more exciting in The Blacklist. Before Tom can head to the church for the ceremony, he runs some errands and then heads home to pick his tuxedo for the special occasion. However, instead of ending up with the tux, Tom comes face to face with Gina Zanetakos (Margarita Levieva) and while he points a gun at her, the Major (Lance Henriksen) comes in from the back.

The Major, who was once Tom’s mentor, is very disappointed in him since he has gone ahead and fallen in love with Liz. He says that he is upset since Tom wanted to walk away from his past life because of her.

The Major forces Tom to sit down on his knees and goes ahead to shoot him, when Gina pulls the trigger on The Major and saves Tom’s life.

The viewers realize that Gina still harbors feelings for Tom, but she also considers him to be a disappointment from having given up on his past life.

Red has never been keen on Liz marrying Tom and he meets her before the wedding to talk her out of it. Liz loses her cool with him and asks him to leave. Tom returns to the church after hiding the body of the Major in the woods. He tells Liz what had happened and they decide that they have to deal with the baggage of the past and move on with their marriage since they love each other.