The Big Bear Precipitation Recap, Kunal Nayyar of The Big Bang Theory Says He Will Keep Doing the Show As Long As They Have Him!

It’s lovely when the writers of Big Bang Theory decide to place Sheldon in uncomfortable situations. We saw the contraption he wore to simulate the woods along with an evergreen air freshener in order to stimulate his senses. There was just one thing that made the scenario more beautiful when he actually ended up in the woods, it was alcohol. Surprised? I think not!

When a scientific article is shared by Amy describing the cognitive benefits of spending time off the grid in the wilderness, Sheldon clearly disapproves of his presence but at the same time, Penny and Leonard are interested.

A female doctor known to Penny has a cabin where they can totally stay for free. In the end, it only took one phone call and a promise to join the doctor at an Indigo Girls concert.

Meanwhile, Mother Nature is no friend of Sheldon so he denies the offer to join them. Therefore, Amy tries a different tactic, one that will definitely pierce through Sheldon. She raises the question that what would happen if her research turns out to be true and Leonard comes back from the woods smarter than Sheldon. Obviously, Sheldon is not ready to accept that and he decides to go.

Now, when it comes to Bernadette’s maternity needs, Raj has taken the role of caregiver. He accompanies her everywhere like appointments, carries the groceries for her and she is even offered a list on top-rated lactation consultants by Raj. He has a favorite among the list but that is not as disturbing as sending Bernadette a link of a woman giving birth in the river.

In the end, Howard sets some boundaries when he barges into the house with a stuffed teddy bear that is the size of a small Buick. He clearly points out that the baby is a Wolowitz and not a Koothrappali. Raj sadly gathers his gigantic bear and gathering as much dignity he can muster, starts shoving it out the front door.

Meanwhile, at the cabin, Sheldon wonders whether they should check each other for ticks. Amy volunteers first to check him when he drops his pants. Meanwhile, an unexpected rain storm disrupts their idea of roughing it up outdoors. Leonard and Sheldon discuss the mechanics behind building a fire but when Penny actually builds one, the four of them stare blankly at each other.

In the meantime, they are completely cut off from civilization, thanks to no Internet, no television, no cell phone service, and no board games. Sadly, all they have is wine. Now Penny suggests that they should play the drinking game. It’s called ‘Never have I ever’ and the rules are pretty simple.

If you have done that before, you take the drink. Now Leonard kicks it off once Penny declares that she can’t recall of anything that she hasn’t ever done before. The first one is, Never have I ever been arrested. When Sheldon starts drinking, everyone is dumbfounded! This includes Sheldon since he cannot believe that Penny never got arrested.

He further explains that he was arrested for jaywalking. During the peak of cookie season, he had to avoid an aggressive Girl Scout and the only way around was to break the system. It turns out to be quite funny when Sheldon declares that the policeman didn’t even see it but Sheldon accused him of impersonating an officer after which the latter was obliged enough to throw him behind bars.