Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X Released in Japan for PlayStation Vita, Soon to Be Released for PlayStation 4!

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X is a rhythm game that has been created by Sega in collaboration with Crypton Future Media. The game was released in Japan for the platform PlayStation Vita just in the previous month. It should be mentioned here that the game will also release for the platform of PlayStation 4 at a later point of time.

A demo version of the game is available, however, it contains only three tracks which are- Strangers, Ai no Uta and LOL- lots of laugh. The demo version will also allow players to gain a firsthand experience of the new models of the game along with the new Rush Notes.

The latest reports suggest that it will be released in America during the fall. It will become available in both physical and digital form. The game will be accompanied with almost 300 modules and costumes. It will also come packed with 30 different songs.

Cloud Requests will be a major part of the game. In this mode, Miku and the other characters of the game will have to travel to the five clouds that will feature in the game. It is in here they will be coming face to face with a number of challenges.

Selection of the right module and the right accessories will be very important to successfully tackle the challenges. Fans can also share the traditional gameplay experience of a Project diva game by entering into the Free Play mode of the game.

The various songs in the Clouds are placed under five categories which are- Cool, Cute, Classic, Elegant and Quirky. Each of the heads contain different kinds of songs and players will have to employ different skill sets to master all these different types of tracks.

Sega stated that Project Diva X is the best game for a newcomer to the franchise. That being said, hardcore fans too will find the game extremely entertaining and satisfying. It will reportedly come loaded with a lot of brand new content which will attract both old and new fans of the game to it.

Custom live concerts can be created and these concerts can be accessorized by players. The various costumes, songs and stages which are gradually unlocked within the game can be utilized for the purpose of accessorizing the concerts. The concerts will star Hatsune Miku and all her friends in the game. The custom concerts can be created using the content creator that it contains.

The game will feature a total of 30 different tracks. The collection of tracks has been created by the selection of some classic Hatsune Miku music as well as some brand new tracks. The songs will have variable levels of difficulties and they will also be split into Auras. Also included in the game will be some arrangements and medleys that have been created by fan favorite artists.

Players will also be able to interact with the characters of the game. With time the characters slowly gain more knowledge about the world that they live in. They also come to know about the different things that re beyond their world.

Sega stated that as the game progresses, Miku forms new relationships with the other characters who become her friends. Sega also hinted towards the fact that the secret of the eponymous X might also be revealed in the game.

Just in the recent past the game was released in Japan. Sega released a brand new trailer to celebrate the occasion. The video features the Ultimate Medley that is found in the game. It is basically like the final boss-fight of any game. The stage is extremely hard and the Medley is quite difficult to beat.