The Big Bang Theory Season 9: Sheldon Starts an Apology Tour, Meemaw to be Featured!

Leonard (John Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) have had enough of Sheldon (Jim Parson). The newlywed had been having problems in their marriage and when they end up at a counselor’s office for marriage counseling, they realize that the main reason for their issues is Sheldon.

Penny and Leonard hadn’t planned on heading to marriage counseling, but when Dr. Gallo (Jane Kaczmarek) refuses to give Penny an appointment, she pushes Leonard to go ahead and register for a session with her so that she can make her buy the medicines for her pharmaceutical company. However, the couple ultimately sits for sessions with the doctor and makes some scary discoveries.

Howard (Simon Helberg), Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), Raj (Kunal Nayyar) and Emily (Laura Spencer) decide to join Leonard and Penny on a trip to Las Vegas.

They all decide to leave Sheldon back because taking him along would spoil the whole bus journey to Vegas, plus he hasn’t been feeling very well. However, it isn’t going to be easy leaving Sheldon back in the apartment and he is adamant to make his friends change their mind about taking him along.

Titled The Empathy Optimization, the 13th episode of The Big Bang Theory Season 9 will see Sheldon go all out to apologize and amend things with his friends so that they can forgive him and then happily take him along on their trip to Vegas.

Sheldon starts asking for forgiveness by starting an apology tour. The trailer for the 13th episode starts with Sheldon telling Leonard that he should get ready for an apology.

When Leonard finds out that Sheldon is going to go on an apology tour of 2016, he sarcastically mentions that it’s not like the tour that Sheldon took to spell check the menus of all the local eateries.

According to International Business Times, Sheldon Cooper is on a roll and he has devised a new way to annoy people- by apologizing to them. Sheldon apologizes to Howard and Raj as well and even hands them t-shirts that state that Sheldon Cooper has apologized to them.

There is a funny incident where Sheldon tries out different versions of “I feel terrible” while apologizing to Raj. He ends up saying the words in an emotional manner and then exclaims that he doesn’t know which one sounds better. The audience can’t help, but laugh at Sheldon’s attempt at apologizing, where he ends up placing himself above those he is apologizing to.

Sheldon then heads to Penny to apologize while she is taking a shower. Penny asks if whatever he needs can wait, but Sheldon responds in his inimitable way that the apology can’t wait since he has more apologies to make.

Sheldon and Amy (Mayim Bialik) have reached a new level in their relationship. The couple had broken up after Amy saw their relationship heading nowhere. Sheldon decides to make things better on her birthday and the two end up having coitus.

Now with Amy away at a neurobiology conference, Sheldon has a video chat with her where he talks about how all his friends are angry with him for some reason.

Amy tries to make Sheldon realize that he can be very difficult with people and Sheldon retorts back saying that when one is sick one can say whatever they want. Amy says that this was why some of his friends tend to stay at work until late or sneak out and watch a movie or stay away even though neurobiology conferences end.

This makes Sheldon realize that Amy had been staying away to avoid him. When he tries to confront her, Amy makes an excuse and ends the call.