The Backdrop for Star Wars: Episode 8 is Currently Under Construction, John Williams Will Not Compose the Music, More Details

There are reports that Rian Johnson might be involved with Star Wars: Episode 8 instead of John Williams. However, this isn’t official yet given that Williams is confused about whether he will commit to another Star Wars films. He has been a part of this franchise for a very long time and it is hard to see someone come in and take that place.

Williams has been instrumental in making scenes iconic with his background score; while also making dull and monotonous scenes interesting, with the manner in which he played with music in them. He is believed to be one of those very few people who have had an influence on every film from the Star Wars franchise.

Star Wars: Episode 8 will show Luke Skywalker in more details. The Jedi will be shown with new powers. There are rumors that Luke Skywalker will be able to burn things and make them explode in return of the Sith’s ability to shoot chain lightning at their enemies.

News Everyday has reported that there will be a scene where Kylo Ren and Rey will start fighting and Luke will get angry when he is unable to stop them and the situation will see his anger make the whole hut disintegrate.

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