Tesla Allows Battery Unlocking on the New Model S70 for a Margin Price, Updated Vehicle Features the S75 Badge, More Details

The Tesla Model S sedan has been a best-seller from the company, and in the newly upgraded version of the vehicle, Tesla is offering a 75 kWh battery in place of the 70 kWH battery, without making any noise.

The company has recently spoken up about this move via a Press Release and claims to have been selling the same for around a month. Even better, the customers who have purchased the upgraded model can choose to unlock the extra battery juice for a mere $3,250.

We know it sounds bizarre, but the marketing strategy is pure genius! Upgrading cars have been a long tradition to save them from the mid-life crisis, and most auto manufacturers usually offer additional power or cosmetic upgrades. This is the first time that we have come across the presence of a larger battery in an upgrade.

To be honest, Tesla is not focusing on the upgraded battery for the extra price, they are focusing on the software upgrade, which unlocks the extra juice, and we cannot stop admiring the sheer intelligence of this move.

In a world where upgrading the hardware is a trend, Tesla is simply offering the extra hardware as a sleeper, and unlocking its prowess later on. The only cosmetic change that one can expect the next time they head into the service center is the 75 badge instead of the 70, which is standard on the S70.

The idea behind the move was to allow the customers to pay less for the same hardware that is available at a premium price. While the Model S70 costs $71,000, the owners get the same piece of hardware as the owner of an S75.

However, the next time that he wishes to upgrade his battery pack, he does not have to shell out a fortune or run from pillar to post. The features can be unlocked by simply shelling out $3,000.

Offering a single battery makes more sense from Tesla’s logistical point of view while the resale value of the Tesla Model S70 increases since the vehicle can be unlocked anytime by the new owners.

This is not, however, the first time that Tesla is offering an unlockable feature on their vehicles. The company had previously offered a post-purchase software upgrade with the Autopilot, semi-autonomous driving feature that could have been unlocked for $3,000 (or $2,500 if you bought it with the car).

Tesla even offered a free, month-long trial for the software, so that the customers could get used to the feature before deciding to pay for it.

When contacted by the representatives of a fellow magazine, a Tesla spokesperson revealed, “All variants of the Tesla Model S70 will continue to feature the 75 kWh battery pack that the customers can choose to unlock anytime.”

“We will continue selling the S70 with the 75 kWh battery pack, since it makes more sense than replacing the battery every time a customer chooses to upgrade. This move is beneficial for us as well as the end user.”

Tesla had previously provided a 60 kWh battery to the customers while marketing it as a 40 kWh unit. Like the current situation, the battery needed to be unlocked back then. The customers could choose to unlock the battery for $8,500, as revealed by a Reddit user.

However, the primary difference between both these scenarios is that while the company announced the feature after the Model S went out of production the last time, this time around it seems more like a marketing decision.

Tesla has also removed the front grille of the Model S70, which they claim has increased the range of the vehicle by 24 miles. The on-board charger capacity has increased from 40 amps to 48 amps.