Tesla Allows Battery Unlocking on the New Model S70 for a Margin Price, Updated Vehicle Features the S75 Badge, More Details

It looks like Tesla is focusing extensively on improving the range of the Model S lineup and refreshed the Model S90 has a range of almost 300 miles! The company also seems to have updated the charger on all the variants, which is a good sign.

The hottest rumor in town was the presence of a 100 kWh battery that Tesla would be implementing, which would have pushed the range of its vehicles to more than 300 miles. As interesting as that might sound, Tesla made no such announcements, and the Models S70 features a 75 kWh battery.

The Model S boasts of new steerable headlamps, which consists of 14 LED units each. Tesla has also included the HEPA air filter in the Model S, which the company claims filters 99.7% of the air inside the cabin.

The company is also offering two distinct trim choices along with dual color tones on the Model S while the prices range from $71,000 to $141,000 depending on your choice of vehicle.

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